(installation design)

Five students and one instructor were chosen to create a large scale light art installation for the LED company Juganu. The brief was simple, show the power of the newly designed LED pannels to the fullest potential. Inspired by Juganu’s tagline “power of the sun,” the installation created a never ending digital sunset. From concept development, experimentation, 3D rendering, small scale models, and story telling the team presented the finished design and concept to the client and investors. Utilizing the powerful LEDs, solar wind and human interaction data, the 180 meter long wall of sun was born. The installation is currently in the development phase.

In Pasadena the team started to ideate on how to help Juganu, an emerging LED/tech company, move into new markets by creating a large scale light art installation. Spending countless hours in the basement of ArtCenter, the team explored small scale models, projection, user interaction, and VR and 3D renders.
What if you could walk inside a sunset? After weeks of ideation, builds, and renders, the team cam together with one question. What would it feel like to walk inside a sunset. Inspired by the LEDs technology that mimics the color index of the sun we wanted to create an interactive installation that would act as a never ending sunset. We also proposed to have this installation featured at Burning Man due to the infinite desert backdrop it would provide.
Armed with the power of the sun the team flew out to Berlin to meet the client and present the final concept; a 30 meter long by 4 meter high LED wall that mirrors the rising and setting of the sun. When the sun sets, the digital sun rises. Thus creating a never ending sunset. On the backside of the installation there are bleachers for viewers to gather and watch the natural sunrise or sunset.