(book design)

is an exploration of hegemonic masculinity in Western culture. The book follows one’s progression of a boy to a man and decodes what it really means to be a “man” in today’s society. Through personal essays, scientific studies, interviews, and image, this book takes both a macro and micro look and at the stereotypes put upon men.


TINY is the new NPR Music. Capitalizing on the name recognition of Tiny Desk Concerts, I’m proposing NPR launches a new sub-brand: TINY. TINY brings all of the online and live touchpoints from NPR Music and brings it together to create a modern and inclusive brand.

ECHO CHAMBER (experiment)

Echo Chamber looks at post-digital design through the lens of Instagram and the consumption of quick visuals. It aims to decode design trends in the graphic design zeitgeist, analysis them, and ultimately critique them.

(exhibition design)

Superceded is an exhibition where design and artificial intelligence collide. Featuring artist who are embracing modern technology and pushing the boundries of the definition of fine art. The exhibition aims to question how we view art and to take a deep look at what our relationship with AI really is.

(installation design)

Five students and one instructor were chosen to create a large scale light art installation for the LED company Juganu. The brief was simple, show the power of the newly designed LED pannels to the fullest potential. Inspired by Juganu’s tagline “power of the sun,” the installation created a never ending digital sunset. From concept development, experimentation, 3D rendering, small scale models, and story telling the team presented the finished design and concept to the client and investors. Utilizing the powerful LEDs, solar wind and human interaction data, the 180 meter long wall of sun was born. The installation is currently in the development phase.