TENDERNESS (book design)

is an exploration of hegemonic masculinity in Western culture. The book follows one’s progression of a boy to a man and decodes what it really means to be a “man” in today’s society.

Through personal essays,scientific studies, interviews, and image, this book takes both a macro and micro look and at the stereotypes put upon men.

My approach to the physical form of the book was one inspired by war memorabilia and familial heirlooms. The book comes in a roughened canvas box and utilizes dusty earth-tones within the book. The layout follows a familiar structured grid, but gives air to the reader with contemplative imagery. The goal of this book is not to create new definitions, but to shed light on antiquated ideas and ask hard hitting questions.
Along with the creation of Tenderness I also created a poster series to celebrate the book launch at the Yerba Beuna Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA. The series breaks down some of the imagery and language used in the book and brings them to the forefront.