Installation Design   

Installation to be displayed for Burning Man 2019

For the Mediatecture Spring 2019 class, the top 5 students of the Graphic Design program traveled from Pasadena to Berlin to create a Burning Man installation pitch.
Team: Ivan Cruz, Danny Gray, Blossom Liu, Maddie Ma, Chris Taylor, Zeke Wattles 

Special Thanks: Nik Haafermas, Michael Sans, Ricardo Imperial, Rose Zhang, Juganu, TRIAD Berlin
Starting in Pasadena, the team used ArtCenter’s basement as a studio space to explore, design, and ideate. Utilizing virtual technologies, hand made models, whiteboards, and projectors to communicate, the team uncovered countless possibilities for a large scale interactive installation.

After finishing the concepting and prototyping in Pasadena, California, the team flew out to Berlin, Germany to work with TRIAD Berlin and present the concepts to the client.
This installation is currently in its construction/testing phase and being prepared to be on display for Burning Man 2019. See you there!